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Dancing underneath the skies of lust
I hope to never fall, where enough is not the same it was before
For easier navigation, here's the sticky post of all my videos (new --> old):

♥ Hobbit ♥

Whispers - Hobbit - The king of Elves and the King of dwarfs...guilty pleasure really...

♥ Non/Disney Crossover ♥

Anew - Hiccap & Jack Frost - Jack and Hiccap are friends. Jack dies by accident. One day Jack comes back to life...
Nothing in common - Flynn/Rick - A story about two wanted men, one is a thief and the other has different reasons fro hiding...
Heartless - Aladdin & Cale - Is falling in love with heartless person the worst thing in the world?
The game - Proteus X Dimitri & Sinbad X Jim - This is a huge story line of break up, finding new love, forgetting old one and becoming happy...
So cool - Derek X Aladdin X Phoebus - Derek is a prince, Aladdin is a street rat, who's faking nobility and Phoebus is a new bodyguard for Derek. Aladdin and Phoebus are both in love with the prince, but rivalry can be a strong impulse...Care for a threesome?? (just kidding XD)
Win the bet - Simbad X Jim (Kale) - Jim finds a job on a pirate ship, where he meets Kale and Sinbad. He is found of Kyle and can't get in terms with Sinbad. Jim doesn't even know that those guys have their own little bet regarding him.

♥ ANIME & MANGA adaptations ♥

Totally Captivated - live trailer of the main pairing...
Junjou Egoist - live trailer of Junjou Egoist, Hiroki and Nowaki pairing...
No.6 - live trailer of No.6 anime, Nazumi and Shion pairing...
Junjou Terrorist - live trailer of Junjou Terrorist, Miyagi and Sinobu pairing...
Dog Style - adaptation of manga "Dog Style" by Motoni Modoru
Junjou Romantica - live trailer of Junjou Romantica, Usami and Misaki pairing...

♥ Other Asian dramas ♥

Doctor - Reply 1994 (BingGeuRe & SseuReKi) - Funny vid about the couple
You make it right - Reply 1994 (BingGeuRe & SseuReKi) - The cutest couple of 2013 :)) General vid
Don't ever leave me - Secretly Greatly - Bromance mixed in a spy plot
Scars on our hearts - Secret garden (Oska & Ssun) - General vid based on their storyline
Lulluby - Full House 2 (Tae Ik & Kang Hwi) - Two pop-starts are in love with each other
Demons eyes - Black & White (Zai Tian & Ying Xiong) - They are both orphans, but they'e not alone anymore...
Alright with me - Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Chi Soo & Kang Hyuk) - Just a little funny crack for their hilarious relationship

♥ Peter x Hook - Once upon a time ♥

Take control - Kinda funny-crack vid about Hook working on Peter
Living dead - What could be more awesome than a villian couple?

♥ Nam Soom & Heung Soo - School 2013 ♥

Pictures - AU - They are older. Nam Soon is a singer. Heung Soo is a famous photographer.
You promised forever - Canonic AU, where the only AU thing is their relationship...
Way back home - Can you still love the one, who ruined your life?

♥ Stiles & Derek - Teen wolf ♥

To be with you - Werewolf needs a pair to survive, but what if the one you choose won't open the door? [trailer for a fanfic]
Abominable snowman - Trailer for Sterek.
Abomination - Teen wolf AU: Stiles was possessed by a Demon and now he's trying to get over those times, cause Derek was a subject of abuse, while Stiles were possessed. And Stiles remember everything the demon did.
I choose to go blind - Derek wants Stiles to become a werewolf, but he refuses.
The rumour of us - Stiles and Derek are dating and everyone know that, except for Stilses's dad.
Beauty and the beast - they do resemble "Beauty and the beast" story, I got inspired by this gif-sets
Dead.Love.You - they can't come to terms with desires and what's right...
Happy and proud - bunch of favorite sterek quotes...

♥ Game of thrones ♥

There are no men like me - Character profile of Jaime Lannister...
The workd has teeth - Sansa & Sandor video...up to 2x07

♥ Agron & Nasir - Spartacus ♥

Weak spot - Nasir is Agron's weak spot
Clever strategy - my most loving quotes from Nagron

♥ Multi- bromance ♥

One thing that won't change - Just general bromance vid from WBDS, SKKS and Padam Padam.

♥ Kang Chil & Gook Soo - Padam Padam ♥

Angels lie - Kang Chil and Gook Soo had relationship in prison, but after they got out, Kang Chil falls for Ji Na, and still won't let go of Gook Soo...
If you're hearing this - Oh, if you’re hearing this, I must have made it through...general vid...
If I go crazy - General vid about relationship of ex-prisoners

♥ Dong Soo & Yeo Un - Warrior Baek Dong Soo ♥

The Eagle - Yeo Un is Dong Soo's slave, what will happen when after some events they'll change positions (the other version of "The Eagle" 2011)
Never forget - Real-time AU, boys are hunted by the memories of previous life, but would that be enough to find their happy ending in our time?
Slash Crack - Collection of slash jokes in WBDS
Roses - Boys in love with each other...and that's a problem...
No light - AU to original story. DS an YU was sold to one house. As they grow up they earn their living in different ways. DS fights for money and YU is a male version of gisaeng.
A burden of sacrifice - Complite AU to original story. When Chun attacks war camp YU goes with him to save DS, later DS finds out that YU's alive.
Camera boy - Imagine boys in our time. YU's younger rich boy, who always carry camera around and DS just ordinary guy with pile of jobs. They met as YU once take a photo of DS at the beach.
Don't leave me like this - Angst about Yeo Un's death from Dong Soo and alternative ending...
More than you'll ever know - After YU've seen DS with Ji Sun, everything got wrong...but DS still tries to get it back...
No strings - They were together, they broke up...but still there's no way to forget...
A BOMB - They are like a time bomb - CRACK VID
Broken time - Dong Soo will never give up on him no matter, what Yeo Un says...but actually it makes you happy, doesn't it?
Still love you the same - Yeo Un's angst towards Dong Soo
Tell me why - After Yeo Un's betrayal, Dong Soo tries to find out what got them here and why.
Can't say no - Crack video on how boys can't say no to each other XD

♥ Arthur & Merlin ♥

Between two points - They can't be happy in Camelot, but nowadays "why not?"
We are what you created - Dark Arthur and Dark Merlin obsessed with each other and killing everybody around, and did I mention huge pack of BDSM?
Till the end of time - Arthur knows all about magic and destiny and he loves Merlin, but at the end of the day he will become a King and there come responsibilities...
Merlin VS Gwen - Arlin VS Arwen. Of course that's just for show, I'm Arlin fan. That's a crack video
The Crown of the Summer Court - Elves arrive in Camelot and want Merlin to take a challenge for their crown. Arthur decides to help him (based on the fanfiction by astolat).
Natural feeling - Arthur's in love with Gwen, and Merlin's in love with Arthur. But what will happen, when Arthur finds out about Merlin's feelings. Arlin wins!!
Better than me - Arthur finds out that Merlin is a sorcerer. And tries to deal with it. He tries to choose between Merlin and his father, obligations and throne.
Remember me - Arthur and Merlin were together, but after drinking from the goblet, Arthur loses all his memories of Merlin.
FATUM - Arthur and Merlin are together, but the problem is that Morgana and Uther starting to find that out and they're not happy. (Warning: Death of the main characters, but I tried to make happy ending.)
24 HOURS - Some guy shows up to Arthur and says that he'll die in a 24 hours. And only Merlin knows the truth.
Moon and Sun - Arthur loves Merlin , but can't confess to him and suffers.
Say it to me - Arthur's realizing his feelings for Merlin (having dreams about him and stuff XD)

♥ Dorian/Basil ♥

Who's the fucking villain now? - really complicated and fucked up relationship of Basil and Dorian in an amazing movie and a book "Dorian Grey"

♥ Caspian & Edmund ♥

Anithing for you - general video on the boys...

♥ Marry stayed out all night ♥

Kiss me - Jung In confessed to Mu Kyul in high school, but he only laughed at Jung In. What will happen, if they meet again after long time?
THE SHOW - Something like a relationship between a rock musician and a businessman, it could look really hot...
About us - general video with the main couple (non-slash)

♥ Goo Yong Ha & Moon Jae Shin - Sungkyunkwan Scandal ♥

Eve of destruction - They're close. Too close to breath...
Pretty sweet pill - Wanna see Jae Shin madly in love with Yong Ha...?
I'm the boss - Young Ha is the BOSS!! LOL!! CRACK and it says it all...
Need you now - Just general video about thier relationship...

♥ Damon & Elena ♥

Expiration date for love - Damon and Elena are childhood friends. She loved him since then, but he never seem to respond to her feelings.

♥ Jeremy & Tyler ♥

Cruel Intentions - Jeremy picks up Tyler's journal. And discovers shocking truth. (beware evil Jeremy XD)
Taking over - After Vicky's death, Jer and Ty became closer than they thought.

♥ Harry/Draco ♥

My personality - Harry and Draco break up after Malfoy's father sees the article in magasine. But when it's time for final battle Draco will still protect Harry even with the cost of his life. But maybe there's still a chance to make everything right?
You are free - Draco rapes Harry, then he blackmails Harry that he'll tell everyone about it. Harry becomes his toy.

♥ Dean & Sam ♥

SOULLESS - It's AU to 6 season. When Sam was walking around soulless, he might have done some bad things to Dean. What will happen, when Sam starts remembering them all?
Memories of me (chapter 1) - While investigating a routine curse in a small California town Dean loses his memory. With only his brother to lean on feelings begin to develop that aren't exactly brotherly. How's Sam going to cope with that?
Memories of me (chapter 2) - They try to break the curse, but what are the strange headaches that Dean has? And will Sam finally give in to Dean?
Memories of me (chapter 3) - At last they have a good talk about all that, it ends up in NG-17 XD Also they find the necklace, but it seems like Sam now don't really want Dean to have his memories back.
Memories of me (chapter 4) - Dean gets his memories back with the headache, 'cause he don't know what to do with all that. And Sam don't really make it easy for him, 'cause he has no intention to forget evrything.
Memories of me (chapter 5) - As they hunt werewolf, Sam gets a scratch from him. And Dean worry, weather Sam turns or not. Sam start all angst again, this time on the edge of losing his brother Dean couldn't push him away. But it turns out that Sam is ok. And Dean start to act like nothing happened again.
Sic erat in fatis | So it was fated (chapter 1) - Dean go to Sam's dream to bring him back to reality. And he sees that in Sam's perfect world Dean is his lover (based on Vikta's fan fiction).
Sic erat in fatis | So it was fated (chapter 2) - After returning from Sam's fantasy, he still tries to act like nothing happened. But it turns out to be impossible. He starts to see dreams about Sam. The stress riches its limit.
Sic erat in fatis | So it was fated (chapter 3) - After scene at the bar, Sam tries to talk to Dean, but this only ends up as a huge fight. Sam leaves. Dean calls him to apologizes, but he hear Sam's being kidnapped. It turns out to be the guy from the bar and he's a demon. Will he make it in time to save his brother?
Sic erat in fatis | So it was fated (chapter 4) - Final - Dean finds Sam, but he got caught himself. Demon tell Sam about his brother's desires. After defeating demon, Dean decides to take the step, he was was afraid to make for so long. And happy ending ahead XD
ALL CHAPTERS of Sic erat in fatis IN ONE VIDEO (!only download link! if you want to watch - click to chapters above)

♥ Colin & Bradley ♥

Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death - Tony O does not befriend losers. Tony O is not gay, not crazy, he is not particularly nice and he is most definitely not royalty. Destiny disagrees. (based on the fanfiction by derryere).
TWINS - Colin has a lover - Bradley. Who gets in the accident, then Nimueh shows up and take him to Camelot and offers a deal: Colin have to pretend to be Merlin and kill Arthur, then she'll help to save Bradley.

♥ Slashy Merlin ♥
Series, based on the original with subtitles, of what main characters are thinking along the story. Later (starting from the 3d episode) there will be a little different storyline with video manips and sound effects. Odd episodes are Merlin's thoughts, even - Arthur's.

Episode 1-12
Episode 13
Episode 14
15th-Dec-2014 05:58 pm - Thorin & Thranduil - Whispers

more gifs on Tumblr

Video: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Audio: End of the vid
Comment: I just watched latest Hobbit for 2 times...and somehow ended up shipping Thorin & Thranduil hard...there's not much with them in canon (still I can hint some things), but just imagine those two together...omfg eye candy, not only literally, but their characters match like perfect! It's a pity there's no good quality for the latest film, I really could use some hints about Tauriel and Kili and Thranduil's dialog about her loving a dwarf...the way he reacts on them is more than suspicious :)) not even sorry for saying this XD

Download on mega (69 mb)
15th-Dec-2014 05:32 pm - Jack Frost & Hiccup - Anew

more gifs on tumblr

Video: How to train your dragon 1 & 2, Rise of the guardians
Audio: end of the vid
Pairing: Hijack - Jack Frost & Hiccup
Plot: Jack and Hiccup are friends...Jack dies...drowns, Hiccup all depressed over the years, Jack comes back to life, they meet again --- happy ending...
What else would you expect from me XD
Comment: I started shipping them, when trailer to Dragon 2 showed on screens...and I waited so long for good quality...at last I got my hands on them... :))

Download on mega (211 mb - 720p)
mask man
10th-Apr-2014 03:56 pm - Totally Captivated ♛ Live Trailer

More gifs...


Video: Super JUNIOR - Opera, KIM JAEJOONG - Mine, Oh, My lady, Super JUNIOR - Sexy, free & single
Audio: Chelsea wolfe - feral love
Comment: God, if they'd make live action from Totally Captivated with decent actors,
it'd be my live-long dream come true...
If you haven't read the manga - go read it!!

Download on mega (35,6 mb)

More gifs...Collapse )

Video: Reply 1994
Pairing: Binggeure & Sseureki
Audio: in the end of the video
Comment: I'm so freaking disappointed with this couple, I can't really begin to say...I made this vid loooong ago, but was so sad about "gay some way becomes straight" thing, so I kinda postponed the upload...
Tumblr link - Youtube link

Download on mega (720p - 33,2 mb)
guy in blood

More Gifs...Collapse )

Video: Reply 1994
Pairing: Binggeure & Sseureki
Audio: in the end of the video (low pitch)
Comment: Just a simple video about the cutest couple lately...
If ep 13 in the hospital wasn't freaking cute, I don't know what this word even mean...
I'm still hoping they'll become canon in future, yeah eternal optimist...especially after ep 13 T_T But I still hope Na Jung gets together with Chil Bong Yi and SseuReKi with BingGeuRe...I beg u, let it be so...
And a huge thank you to xBlackD69 for introducing them to me with her awesome vids!! XD

Download on mega (158 mb - 720p)

More gifs...Collapse )

Video: Once upon a time
Audio: at the end of the vid (low pitch)
Comment: I'm obsessed with idea to see the time Hook spent working on Pan...I tried to show something of a sort with a little material we had...And yes, Charming is such a cock-block...come on! Really! Just loved Hook's reaction on his showing up, LOL XD

Download on mega (142 mb - 720p)

Video: Once upon a time
Audio: in the end of the vid
Plot: There're some AU voiceovers, but all of them were said by the chars to/about one another...I just mixed them a little...that's all...
From my pov (don't judge me) peter likes hook only because of who hook was, and he's pretty much the one person who knows him before he was a pirate...
Comment: I'm obsessed with this pairing thanks to this absolutely lovely vid...robinkun234, thank you for introducing them to me through it ♥

Download on mega (74 mb - 720p)
guy in blood
4th-Nov-2013 01:52 pm - Junjou Egoist - LIVE trailer

More gifsCollapse )

Video: Last Cinderella, Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kini ga Oshiete Kureta, Bloody Monday, PapaDoru, Binbo Danshi, Orthros no Inu
Sound: Junjou Romantica
Audio: in the end of the video
Polt: FANMADE live trailer of Junjou Egoist (Nowaki and Hiroki pair in Junjou Romantica) :))
Cast: Miura Haruma as Hiroki Kamijō 上條 弘樹
Nishikido Ryo as Nowaki Kusama 草間 野分
Comment: At last I made it, my collection of Junjou Romantica trailers is now complete!
For Junjou Romantica & Junjou Terrorist check my "Anime-manga adaptations playlist).
Only Japanese actors this time. I know that Ryo isn’t that tall (as Nowaki should be), but I tried to hide it in here.
And I know I suck that I used Ryo as young Miyagi too T_T But I think Ryo's acting suit Nowaki so good...and Haruma as Hiroki is just perfect imho...

Download on mega (112 mb - 720p)

Video: Secretly Greatly (Korean movie 2013)
Pairing: Won Ryu & Ri Hae-Jin
Audio: end of the vid (it's the ost from the hakkenden 2 ending)
Comment: I'm in love with a movie, though the actors seem a big young for this, still it was emotional and so sad...but freaking cute as well, esp. the moment with the hat...omg...so go watch ;)) and I saw Park Ki-Woong in a new light, he had an awesome role there too *___*

Download on mega (147 mb)

Video: Game of thrones s1-3
Audio: end of the vid
Plot: Trailer for Jamie & Brienne XD I just love them...I really do *__*

Download on mega (162,8 mb)
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