Thorin & Thranduil - Whispers

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Video: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Audio: End of the vid
Comment: I just watched latest Hobbit for 2 times...and somehow ended up shipping Thorin & Thranduil hard...there's not much with them in canon (still I can hint some things), but just imagine those two together...omfg eye candy, not only literally, but their characters match like perfect! It's a pity there's no good quality for the latest film, I really could use some hints about Tauriel and Kili and Thranduil's dialog about her loving a dwarf...the way he reacts on them is more than suspicious :)) not even sorry for saying this XD

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Jack Frost & Hiccup - Anew

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Video: How to train your dragon 1 & 2, Rise of the guardians
Audio: end of the vid
Pairing: Hijack - Jack Frost & Hiccup
Plot: Jack and Hiccup are friends...Jack dies...drowns, Hiccup all depressed over the years, Jack comes back to life, they meet again --- happy ending...
What else would you expect from me XD
Comment: I started shipping them, when trailer to Dragon 2 showed on screens...and I waited so long for good quality...at last I got my hands on them... :))

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Totally Captivated ♛ Live Trailer

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Video: Super JUNIOR - Opera, KIM JAEJOONG - Mine, Oh, My lady, Super JUNIOR - Sexy, free & single
Audio: Chelsea wolfe - feral love
Comment: God, if they'd make live action from Totally Captivated with decent actors,
it'd be my live-long dream come true...
If you haven't read the manga - go read it!!

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BingGeuRe & SseuReKi - Doctor - Reply 1994

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Video: Reply 1994
Pairing: Binggeure & Sseureki
Audio: in the end of the video
Comment: I'm so freaking disappointed with this couple, I can't really begin to say...I made this vid loooong ago, but was so sad about "gay some way becomes straight" thing, so I kinda postponed the upload...
Tumblr link - Youtube link

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BingGeuRe & SseuReKi - You make it right - Reply 1994

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Video: Reply 1994
Pairing: Binggeure & Sseureki
Audio: in the end of the video (low pitch)
Comment: Just a simple video about the cutest couple lately...
If ep 13 in the hospital wasn't freaking cute, I don't know what this word even mean...
I'm still hoping they'll become canon in future, yeah eternal optimist...especially after ep 13 T_T But I still hope Na Jung gets together with Chil Bong Yi and SseuReKi with BingGeuRe...I beg u, let it be so...
And a huge thank you to xBlackD69 for introducing them to me with her awesome vids!! XD

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Peter Pan x Captain Hook ↭ Take control

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Video: Once upon a time
Audio: at the end of the vid (low pitch)
Comment: I'm obsessed with idea to see the time Hook spent working on Pan...I tried to show something of a sort with a little material we had...And yes, Charming is such a cock-block...come on! Really! Just loved Hook's reaction on his showing up, LOL XD

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peter pan x captain hook ☠ living dead

Video: Once upon a time
Audio: in the end of the vid
Plot: There're some AU voiceovers, but all of them were said by the chars to/about one another...I just mixed them a little...that's all...
From my pov (don't judge me) peter likes hook only because of who hook was, and he's pretty much the one person who knows him before he was a pirate...
Comment: I'm obsessed with this pairing thanks to this absolutely lovely vid...robinkun234, thank you for introducing them to me through it ♥

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Junjou Egoist - LIVE trailer

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Video: Last Cinderella, Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kini ga Oshiete Kureta, Bloody Monday, PapaDoru, Binbo Danshi, Orthros no Inu
Sound: Junjou Romantica
Audio: in the end of the video
Polt: FANMADE live trailer of Junjou Egoist (Nowaki and Hiroki pair in Junjou Romantica) :))
Cast: Miura Haruma as Hiroki Kamijō 上條 弘樹
Nishikido Ryo as Nowaki Kusama 草間 野分
Comment: At last I made it, my collection of Junjou Romantica trailers is now complete!
For Junjou Romantica & Junjou Terrorist check my "Anime-manga adaptations playlist).
Only Japanese actors this time. I know that Ryo isn’t that tall (as Nowaki should be), but I tried to hide it in here.
And I know I suck that I used Ryo as young Miyagi too T_T But I think Ryo's acting suit Nowaki so good...and Haruma as Hiroki is just perfect imho...

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Secretly Greatly - Don't ever leave me

Video: Secretly Greatly (Korean movie 2013)
Pairing: Won Ryu & Ri Hae-Jin
Audio: end of the vid (it's the ost from the hakkenden 2 ending)
Comment: I'm in love with a movie, though the actors seem a big young for this, still it was emotional and so sad...but freaking cute as well, esp. the moment with the hat...omg...so go watch ;)) and I saw Park Ki-Woong in a new light, he had an awesome role there too *___*

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